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Nambia Holiday Packages


An enthralling country abounding with magnificent horizons and seemingly endless dunes of various shades, Namibia never fails to impress, charging the imagination of visitors. The vast naturally unspoiled areas possess multi-facetted grandeur and an arid splendour that is difficult to describe.

Located in the southwest Africa, Namibia shares borders with South Africa, Angola and Botswana to the south, east and north respectively, with the narrow panhandle of land, known as the Caprivi Strip, jutting from the northeast.

Almost 1300km (800 miles) of wild and uninhabited coastline extends along the west coast, possessing soaring sand dunes with plains of pastel colour, dramatic canyons, mountains and salt pans all making up the terrain to the east, all with incredible game viewing opportunities. Seal colonies, shipwrecks and abandoned ghost towns provide many striking photo opportunities, while quaint seaside villages with Bavarian influences and spring-fed oases provide wonderfully colourful places for relaxation.

The magnificently vast and pristine Etosha Pan (once a saline lake), is surrounded by grasslands with a large and varied array of wildlife, including lion, eland, elephant, giraffe, zebra and ostrich.                                   

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