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Botswana Holiday Packages


The African success story of Botswana as a peaceful democracy with a diamond-rich, economic stability, has led to its high standard of living, education and health care. However, it remains a country for the explorer and adventurer, as the largely roadless wilderness of vast spaces with exceptional wilderness are roamed in search of expansive game encounters, both by vehicle and boat.

The wetland sanctuary of the Okavango Delta provides an enormous area covered by swamp and river where most southern African mammal species occur in large numbers, with migrating herds of zebra, wilderbeest, buffalo and antelope can be encountered. Large groups of elephant track the waterways, which are home to an incredible variety of birds and reptiles, including crocodiles which can be seen feasting on large barbell fish trapped in the mud, while Fish Eagles cry evocatively from overhead branches.

The Kalahari, a semi-arid expanse of sandy valleys, covers most of the southern part of the country, and features a strikingly different terrain to the wet north. Salt pans, Bushman paintings and game of hardier type including jackals, desert antelopes and hardier predators provide their own unique attraction.

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