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Well known travel wholesalers Caraville Travel & Tours (CTT) and International Travel & Tours (ITT) merged in November 2011. With over 50 combined years of experience in the travel business, this creates a major new travel wholesale provider based in Durban.

The new company known as Inspirations Travel & Tours, and will continue to service its many domestic and international clients across its two main areas of activity:

OUTBOUND: as a specialist provider for Mediterranean, Scandinavian, North African and Middle Eastern destinations

INBOUND: as a destination manager specialising in the entire Southern and East African region

Beyond achieving certain operational IT economies in this highly competitive industry, in particular the merger is set to strengthen market competitiveness and penetration through stronger buying power applied to better client and destination service coverage. The company also plans to add new specialist destinations to its portfolio, and focus on greater delivery potential of its IT systems for the trade.

The company has combined operations for all 36 staff in a Westville based office and this will also be the location of both the Norwegian and German Honorary Consulates in KZN. Current Directors Mrs Rung Button, Mrs Dana Webber and Mr Horst Achtzehn have appointed Mrs Stacey Rampersadh as Manager of the Outbound division, while Mrs Nicole Do Souto has been appointed Manager of the Inbound division for the group. Mrs Poonam Baijnath has been appointed Financial Manager.